In the shifting trend of international supply chains, industrial infrastructure developers in Vietnam continuously construct warehouses for rent to take advantage of opportunities from the movement of global manufacturers. Seizing that opportunity, nPL Logistics has continued to invest extensively in industrial real estate, filling 1.200.000m2 of available warehouse space across the nation.

The warehouse system of nPL Logistics is present throughout Vietnam

In 2022, nPL Logistics put into operation 38.000m2 of warehouses for lese in Long An and 1.000m2 in Dong Nai and maitained a stable operation of a fleet of 92 container trucks. In addition, nPL Logistics also launched additional products/services:

  • Provide all-inclusive legal services to clients: Business registration, investment certification, export processing company certification, fire prevention and fighting appraisal, and environmental impact assessment report.
  • Provide all-inclusive services including import and export transportation, customs procedures for customers to rent production workshops.
  • Provide warehouse management, operation and distribution services for warehouse tenants.

Ready-built warehouse for rent with full functions.

Beginning in March 2023, nPL Logistics put in operation 4,600m2 warehouse for lease in Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City. Cu Chi has several advantageous conditions for access via road, river, and air as a gateway region connecting urban centers in Ho Chi Minh City with Long An, Tay Ninh, and Binh Duong provinces. As a result, it is very simple and convenient to travel to and conduct business with nearby economic regions. Furthermore, Cu Chi also features three sizable industrial clusters and four industrial parks which are attracting foreign investment. This is also a potential land for the industrial real estate industry.

Customers rent warehouses of nPL Logistics in Cu Chi District

The floor of nPL warehouses is composed of solid reinforced concrete, which can sustain loads of up to 5 tons per square meter. The workshop's average height is 13 meters with a floor height ranges from 0.3 to 1.3 meters above the ground, making it ideal for installing large machinery and equipment. To assure fire safety, the warehouse is equipped with an automatic sprinkler fire protection system, fireproof paint, fireproof mortar. It also has 1,250 kVA of electricity, which is the ideal amount for businesses to use for production and storage.

The growth of "green logistics" is an inevitable trend and a crucial factor in determining how sustainably the overall logistics sector will expand. In this aspect, nPL Logistics encourages the implementation of ready-made warehouse projects or those that are custom-built to customers' specifications and of the highest quality, adhering to environmental and safety regulations. In 2023, nPL Logistics will continue constructing warehouse for rental in Nam Son Hap Linh - Bac Ninh Industrial Park and the Song Cong – Thai Nguyen Industrial Park. 

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