nPL owns a system of factories spread across the country with a total area of 1,500,000 m2 along with modern machinery and equipment infrastructure.

Warehouses and factories for lease managed by nPL are located in prime locations in major industrial parks and economic centers in the country, located in inter-zone traffic, convenient for storing and distributing goods to customers. centers and cities.

nPL not only provides quality warehouse rental services, we also pay special attention to building optimal goods storage and operation solutions for customers with the most optimal cost. The goods are safely preserved, the fastest delivery of goods.

Workshop height 12 - 15 m
Floor load
3 - 5  tons
Power supply 1.250 kVA
Floor Reinforced concrete with surface hardener
Roof and wall system Heat-insulating corrugated iron and walls combined with corrugated iron
Fire safety  Automatic fire protection system, sprinkler, heat sensor, smoke alarm, fire sprinkler

Road Reinforced concrete road
Rainwater drainage
Reinforced concrete pipe connecting the drainage manhole system
Wastewater system PVC pipe, manhole system for waste water drainage
Fence Industrial zone standard (2 m high)
Gate Steel gate (6 - 10 m wide)
Guard house Reinforced concrete structure protection house

With extensive experience in the field of logistics, nPL consults and builds warehouses and factories according to customers' requirements. We provide full support from the selection of design, construction to management throughout the construction process.
Nationwide scale
Experience and quality leading
Pioneering speed
Where are nPL Logistics' ready-built factories and warehouses for rent?
The system of ready-built factories and warehouses for lease of nPL Logistics is currently located in key economic areas of the country such as: Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An, Binh Phuoc, Hung Yen, Bac Ninh, Thai Nguyen, Da Nang, Quang Tri, Quang Ngai, Khanh Hoa. You can learn about our infrastructure in the section “nPL systems” for more details.
How long does it take us to officially go into production?
This problem depends a lot on your organization and operation such as machine installation. With our long experience in the industry, we expect that you will be able to operate at full capacity within 3 months of working with nPL Logistics.
How long does it take nPL Logistics to build a factory and warehouse for rent?

We have a wide range of ready-made solutions for our customers to choose from. In case our construction standards do not meet your requirements, we have a construction plan according to the needs of the customer. Any standards can be adjusted. We expect to be able to hand over the warehouse to you within 3-4 months.

What do we need to do to reserve and hold our spot?
Customers only need to sign the agreement in principle and pay the deposit as agreed with nPL Logistics.
Rental Fee
How much does it cost to rent a warehouse?
Our quote will depend on rental area, load capacity, term and location.
What other costs are there when renting a warehouse from nPL Logistics?
You will pay the infrastructure management and maintenance fees, electricity consumption, clean water usage fees and wastewater treatment fees…
What are the sizes of nPL Logistics' ready-built warehouses and warehouses for rent?
nPL Logistics develops ready-built warehouses for lease with diverse areas, from 1.000 m2.
Who are the customers of nPL Logistics?
nPL Logistics' customers come from many different countries: Vietnam, Japan, Korea, USA, China, Taiwan…
Can nPL Logistics adapt pre-built infrastructure as required?
nPL Logistics can discuss specific needs and adjustment functions with customers